The confidence of our new product after we figured it out went up the roof as we made something we have never seen do which was what enhancements are supposed to do NOT CLOG AND NOT WASH OFF EASY! We created it to have the consistent flow and silky feel with a great rich aroma. G.O.A.T will last days Especially after prepping your skin correctly wiping down the area your working on with alcohol or your everyday aftershave. G.O.A.T has gone through months of testing on different skin types before we released it and It still leaves an impression after days! (Note: we recommend not scrubbing during shower if you want it to last as enhancement’s are not meant for that, if needed to last let water run over the product without a scrub and pat dry) Goat not only works as advertised but it’s appearance is just stunning! We have tested our product like said above on many different skin types and proven to be soothing on the most sensitive skin. We don’t only create what we want which is the best for barbers but we also listen to the barbers who are using it which is why today you will smell an almost sweet rich aroma in the air after spraying G.O.A.T. (created By A Barber For A Barber)